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Throwing the ultimate Hen's party

Setting the scene

Are you trying to organise a party for your bride to be, here are some ideas that might just convince her that her ladies know her better than she knows herself.

Vintage High Tea/  Kitchen Tea Hen's Party

This is perfect for those sweet brides to be! With many brides these days opting to have kitchen tea/ high tea's in the morning or afternoon of the hens party, it is a great way to include all the female family members that wouldn't necessarily be up for a wild night. Traditionally, for kitchen tea's every guest would bring the bride a gift for her kitchen to help her with her household duties as a wife. Enjoy a modern twist on the decadent tea party, indulging in delicious sweet treats and have a toast to the hen with a delicious cocktail or glass of champagne. The perfect chance to let your creative side run wild with styling this party. The tissue pom poms or hessian bunting available in store now would be just stunning, more on styling ideas to follow below.

For the Wine Loving Bride to Be 

Why not get all the ladies together and head to a gorgeous vineyard for some wine tasting and delicious lunch. Who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine in the sun with friends. Don't forget to get a floral head piece for your bride to be and the rest of the bridal party and well as the gorgeous sashes to highlight their VIP status. 

Spa Day

Is there any girl who could say no to a day of pure pampering and relaxation in a fluffy robe? A spa day is the ultimate treat. We think your bride-to-be will appreciate the privacy of an activity like this, where it would be just her and the girls and some amazing therapists ready to make you all feel beautiful. We have the perfect slippers for your bride to be to be super comfortable and relaxed in.

Suite Dreams

How about booking a hotel suite and having a girls’ night! There are two ways to enjoy the hotel suite with your bride to be, It could be a night of drinking cocktails, dancing to high school favourites before heading out together for a night on the town, or how about having a girls’ night in! We think your bride-to-be would just love a cosy evening filled with glam pjs, bubbles, movies, popcorn, pizza and chocolate. This is the perfect opportunity to play lots of fun games. Get writing in a keepsake book for your bride to be, sweet and funny memories from all the years you have known each other. And most of all, appreciate how, sometimes, the simpler you keep a hen party, the better it is. After all, a sleepover will always be girly fun at its best. Add some pretty decorating and styling for the extra wow factor that will make your bride to be swoon. 

Dinner Date

Why not spoil the bride-to-be with a delicious meal in a fancy restaurant – somewhere you’ve all never been. Cue the wine & tasty desserts, this night is sure to hit the spot. And there will be chats and lots of laughs. What more could a girl want! 

Help your bride to be look and feel the part

You want to make your bride to be feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy. There’s a massive difference between a bride to be who enjoys a little special attention and one who wants to be at the centre of it all. Sometimes it’s about age, sometimes it’s about personality, and sometimes it’s about venue. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to cater for both.

For girls who are a little bit shyer, you can skip the traditional tiara adornment and instead mark them with a gorgeous floral head piece that highlights their status but its more understated..  we have whimsical floral head crowns available at HENSinc, a fun idea is to coordinate matching designs with the rest of the bridal party. 

Meanwhile, for engaged girls who are a little bit more comfortable in the spotlight, a bride to be sash and bride to be crown with veil always goes down a treat, and is an absolute magnet for a few free cocktails if you settle down at a bar.

 Putting a new spin on games

We all know about the kind of games you traditionally find at a hen’s party. Pin the veil on the bride, making a wedding dress from toilet paper, the scavenger hunt … the list goes on. And the reason these activities have lasted through decades of weddings is because they’re appropriate, inclusive and fun! 

If you are wanting to up the ante and add to the ideas you already have… HENSinc have Bride to Be Did You Ever vs Would you Ever - The Ultimate Hens Party Confessions Game! Get all the juicy dirt on your friends and party goers as they reveal their naughty little secrets while playing this hilariously entertaining party game. From mild to outrageous - each and every question will provide fun entertainment for all. The Bride to Be Dare Game - includes 16 fun and outrageous dares. Play in a public place and enjoy several good laughs! The dares are hidden under doors so the bride to be has no idea what the dare is! Dares include: do a shot without using your hands; dance on a table; wear your bra on the outside of your clothes etc. Forget about pin the veil on the bride why not get Pin The Torpedo on the Sailor - I guarantee you lots of laughs with girls while playing this one. For those who are wanting a few more game ideas, we also have a games pack available!

 Make it a picture perfect affair

Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are more popular than ever – and that’s the fact we are obsessed with looking at beautiful photos. In fact most brides these day have search 'pinned' and saved inspiration for their big day. With this in mind, take the lesson to heart that this matters to them and put in the time and effort to create a beautiful space with real wow factor.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to do this. It’s all in the details big and small. Gorgeous hessian bunting, pretty tissue pom poms and oversized foil balloons are very on trend right now - at HENSinc, we know this, so all of which you will find in-store! Brides are also loving cute tableware.. floral designs and metallic’s are always a hit. Another great styling idea is mini milk bottles filled with cocktails and adding pattern paper straws really enhances the idea that little touches can have a big impact. Other sweet & pretty ideas are flowers in vintage decanters, milk bottles and mason jars. Lolly & dessert tables are always picture perfect and oh so YUMMY!

Making Memories

In amidst all the fun and games, sentimentality absolutely has its place at a hen’s party. This can be by sharing stories about the bride or, even more meaningfully, a look forward to her new life. A lovely idea is to make a hens day book to leave messages for the bride to be, my bridesmaids did this for me, so as well as the beautiful well wishes, there are all the photos from the hens day.. leading in to all the fun that we had partying that night! It’s such a sweet thing to have to remember that time in your life.


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